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about us

ROAMEO was born when we musicians, learned how much more fun everyone had when we left the stage and wandered around, engaging the guests. In the early days we had to unplug from our amps - now we have wireless tech - so we got no limits!


Musicians appearing from all corners of the room - pulling people onto a dance-floor, tending to the less overt. Getting interactive and bringing the audience in!


Our engineers got really good at their job, working in realtime FX and making us sound like a full party band. 

Then we tried bringing in some choreographed dance, themed characters and even interactive moving props. Imagine a bunch of moving trees at your event? Why? No idea why not.

Having access to all these talented and frankly obsessed sound technicians, we started looking at how we might be able to use the wireless tech - and other bits and pieces, to put together mind-blowing packages for the experiential marketing industry. So sounds can be manipulated to enhance a brand. 

There are so many possibilities and we just keep ploughing into new discoveries. 

We'd love to help you smash your client's expectations or give your guests something they won't have experienced elsewhere.